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MWRD Project 20-859-3SR

Structure CS-10 - Des Plaines

Structure CS-10 is located on the South-West corner of the intersection of Rand RD and Wolf RD in Des Plaines. It will receive new interior equipment to improve flow operating and also will receive it will receive concrete repairs. The will be a traffic control setup for a month to allow safe work and needed excavation. This work is to be performed in August 2023.


Drop Shaft N19

Drop Shaft DS N19 is located in Forest Preserve north side of Dempster RD in Morton Grove. The structure will have top modified and will receive a louver system. Also the area around the structure will be raised and receive new landscaping. This work is to be performed in May 2023.

DS N19.png

Structure UDP-11A and Drop Shaft #8

Structure UDP-11A under Isabella ST by intersection with Rand RD in Mount Prospect will receive interior updates to improve flows. For that work please expect daily traffic control for two weeks. This work is to be performed in March 2023. Drop shaft #8 will receive new grating and louver system. This work to be performed in June 2023.

UDP-11A  and DS8.png
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